Ultrasonic descaling

It is important that the scale is removed from the teeth in every half year because we can prevent the development of gingival athropy. The scale is the hardened/carcinated dental fur or plaque. If this plaque remains on the tooth surface because of the unproper tooth cleaning mineral materials will harden the plaque and this solid material can not be removed with a tooth brush. The color of the plaque may be yellow, brown or black and can be found on the teeth, over and below the gums, even between the teeth.

The process of tartar removal (before, after, photo)

The scale and bacterii on the teeth may cause inflammation and in this case pyorrhea may develop which usually cause the bleeding of the gums. If this pyorrhea is neglected for a long time the gums holding the teeth start to atrophy and paradentitis develops. This causes the gums draw back and the result later can be the loosening or losing of the teeth. The scale frequently causes unpleasant mouth odor. If the scale is not removed for a longer time, gingivitis may develop. Depending of the personal oral hygiene the teeth are suggested to have unscaled generally in every half year.

Descaling in ArtDent Dentistry Clinic in Budapest

In our dentistry we perform ultrasonic descaling and it is suitable to remove the scale from even the smallest gaps between the teeth, as the first step of an efficient dental treatment. The scale may cause gingival athropy and it is aesthetically troublesome. This treatment prevents the oral infection. In our dentistry we polish the teeth surfaces with special pastes, brushes and rubber bells after the ultrasonic descaling. The descaling procedure takes about half an hour and it does not cause pain.

You have to pay attention after ultrasonic descaling

After the treatment sensitivity may emerge int he neck of the tooth, and we strongly feel the warm, cool temperature or the sweet or sour tastes). The feeling may be put and end in one or two weeks using a tooth paste for sensitive teeth.

Conditions excluding the ultrasonic descaling

In our Budapest dentistry we use only manual tools when descaling the teeth of patients having a heart pacemaker, and we can work efficiently even under the gingiva.

Let us prevent together more serious dental problems with a simple dental intervention, an ultrasonic scaling; free yourself of your scale quickly and pain-free in our Budapest dental clinic!


The first step to a healthy and an aesthetical smile

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