Information about bridges

In case one or more teeth are missing side by side, a bridge can be the solution for replacement.

Similar to crowns, bridges can be made of various basic materials (metal-ceramics, zirconium).

The bridge can be fixed to the teeth next to the gap to give an adequate support. However, it has a drawback, as the healthy teeth by the gap have to be ground so that they act as pillars for the replacement.

Crowns or bridges fixed on implants offer a simpler, more stable solution as the implant constitutes an adequate support so the healthy teeth do not have to be ground.

Metal-ceramics bridges prepared at our dental clinics in Budapest

Metal-ceramics bridges are widely used for replacement as they are strong and hard and withstand mastication force. Due to their cost-effectiveness they are regularly used even these days. The teeth by the gap are connected by a metal framework, completed with porcelain burnt on by the dental mechanic so that a natural look is achieved.

Until the appearance of the zircon bridge metal-ceramics was the only possibility for the replacement of missing teeth.

Zircon-ceramics bridges prepared at our dental clinics in Budapest

The use of zirconium in dental medicine meant a significant development in tooth replacement procedures. The properties of this material enabled the development of digital dentistry so that more fitting and more aesthetic bridges can be prepared now.

Completely lifelike tooth replacement can be prepared by using a fully metal-free semi-transparent zircon bridge which can be supported by the adjoining teeth or can be also set on an implant.

More information about zircon-ceramics bridges is available on our service/crown subpage.

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