Tooth whitening

Beautiful, white teeth in the ArtDent Dentistry Clinic

Our teeth can get discolored because of the effects of contamination and even in spite of regular and proper tooth cleaning. The teeth get more and more yellow colored and this is caused by the various contamination which gets calcinated on the surface but there are more and more reasons responsible for the discoloring. This is why it is worth while ask for the dentist’s opinion.

Tooth whitening at the dentist’s

The dentist applies chemical whitening material, e.g. a special whitening gel oxidizing and whitening the contamination. After a single whitening treatment the patient may generally hope one or two shades lighter color but it depends of the condition of the tooth and its color experienced before the treatment.

In some events during the treatment the chemicals applied may make the teeth sensitive but the patient may ask for an injection to reduce the pains. The treatment is suggested only for teeth in proper condition, e.g. without caries or tartar, or the treatment cannot be performed and the aim hoped can not be reached. The patient should wait three – four day to repeat the treatment but more frequent whitening is not recommended in any form.

After varnishing the teeth their surfaces are dried and the dentist applies the freshly mixed whitening material with a brush in a thickness of two millimetres and at the same time gums protecting material is also applied. Next an activator performs the whitening program in which a special light is emitted in a sequence of 15 x 30 seconds, interrupted by 10 seconds breaks.

In three weeks after the whitening process the color of the teeth darkens a bit and this situation is considered permanent. During this three weeks period the patient should avoid the strongly pigmentous material, e.g. smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, fruit beverages and some colorful vegetables.

The whitening – if it is not performed with materials containing strong peroxide of hidrogen – does not cause permanent damage. It dries the teeth for a short time and the patient may feel some sensitivity when masticating or when exposed to heat but the feeling will come to an end. In the whitening process the dentist’s skill is very important because he should protect the gums. In some cases it is required to apply further aesthetical interventions, too. For instance a thorough cleaning or tartar removal and it may also happens that other teeth are to be treated for a perfect result.

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Treatment: 60 – 80 minutes.

Tooth whitening at home, before and after

The definitive difference between the home and dentist’s whitening is the concentration of the whitening material; the dentist applies stronger ones.

There is another home solution in which the patient puts up a flexible rail containing the whitening material. The carbamide-peroxide dissolves and the freed oxigen gets into the dentin and the dental enamel and whitens the discolored area. The material does not cause any changes in the structure of the tooth, only its color gets somewhat lighter. The tooth whitening performed and controlled by a dentist is safe and guaranted by clinical experiences and results.

Though this home solution has a risk factor because it is not known whether the patient is able to keep the instructions, for instance when it is not allowed to consume discoloring food or beverages.

For safety reasons various other whitening toothpastes and strips for home use are not allowed to contain agents which are identical in quality and quantity with those applied by a dentist so their effect cannot compete with a professional procedure.

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