Dental prosthesis

Aesthetical prosthesis at the ArtDent Dentistry Clinic

The prosthesis is a process where the missing or considerably damaged tooth which cannot be repaired with a filling are replaced with a tooth or a set of teeth.

Prosthesis is of utmost importance even in the case of one simple tooth. If only a small part of the tooth is missing then with an aesthetical filling the genuine shape of the tooth can be re-formed but if the bigger part of the tooth body is missing then it is suggested to replace it with a prosthesis.

The aim of the prosthesis is to repair the mastication ability, finish the speaking problems, prevent the face deforming and retain the facial harmony. Today the technical solutions of prosthesis have reached an extraordinary level where the dentist can suggest a solution for every type of problems caused by a missing tooth. A prosthesis is manufactured after a sound health examination and an oral hygienic treatment.

Types of prosthesis

We choose the best solution, based on the oral conditions of the patient. It is also important that the patient should not wait too long since as time flies it is more and more difficult to restore the genuine state of teeth and the unity of the line of the teeth disintegrates bringig further or irretrievable problems.

In our dentistry clinic we produce prosthesises true to nature so our patients leave our clinic content and smiling.

There are some who can not realize the necessity of a prosthesis since it is difficult for them to contact a dentist. Frequently they think they have to wait a long time until the prothesis, a crown or a tooth bridge has been produced. But today based ont he most up-to- date technology this feeling is unnecessary. In our Budapest clinic we produce a plastic crown or a bridge for our patients and the waiting period will not be unpleasant at all.

Why is it important to have a prosthesis?

It is of utmost necessity to have an uninterrupted line of teeth since the necessary mastication ability decreases during eating and even a speaking problem alaso may present. In the case of a missing tooth even the human face can alter, resulting in mental problems.

Modern prosthesis procedures

The science of dentistry has reached a high level in the field of producing up-to- date prosthesises. Many digital solutions or newly used materials like the metal- free zirconium or the pressed porcellain elements which make it possible to restore the entire functional and aesthetic parametres.

The up-to- date prosthesis procedures meet every aesthetical requirement and they restore almost the full mastication ability and are cost effective, since their prices are almost the same than those of the traditional solutions.

The manufacturing techniques have basically changed in the past years and still develop constantly. Today the majority of prosthesises are produced through the CAD/CAM technology which means Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing, and they are accurate within a fraction of a millimetre, quite natural-looking and look like the real teeth of the patient.

In order to choose the proper prosthesis technique (a crown or a bridge) visit our Budapest clinic where we can offer you an ideal solution for your dental problems in a free consultation.

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