Tooth filling

Evolution of dental caries

These days caries became a widespread disease and it may have various causes, for instance the eating usage or the malvolent changes in the immune system.

The caries is one of the most frequent problems for which we have to see a dentist. The patients generally complain about tooth sensitivity, an unpleasant mouth odor or pains. The caries propagates in the soft tissues of the tooth, for the layman its most type is invisible from the outside but when it can be seen the problem may be serious. If you experience one or more signs of caries, or the teeth are sensitive, broken or perhaps discolored then you soon need a tooth filling.

If you visit our Dentistry in Budapest your dental problem can be solved with a simple tooth filling but if the caries has reached into the soft part or nerves of the tooth then a tooth root treatment will be needed. 

Prevent the problems and visit our Dentistry in the II. district immediately when you first experience any symptom.

When do you need to visit our Dentistry?

  • when a tooth discolored suspiciously;
  • when you freguently feel pains or you experience strong, stabbing pains;
  • if yoyur tooth is too sensitive to cool or hot foods or drinks;
  • if your tooth is sensible when chewing;
  • if you have a broken tooth or only a little piece of the tooth has broken.

The patient should know there were times when only amalgam was the only material to fill a hollow tooth. Today there are various blends from which we choose to produce an aesthetically first class filling.

Before and after a treatment for filling.

Light binding aesthetical bonding

The aesthetical filling is made of a light binding material which lines up with the tooth color of the patient and the dentist can make a perfect tooth cosmetical solution. We apply the most suitable filling material of we choose more shades to produce a totally invisible, natural-looking result.

Advantages of light binding aesthetical bonding

  • It perfectly fits to the color of the patient’s teeth;
  • It can be used immediately after the filling so the patient should not wait for hours for eating or drinking;
  • It can be used on front teeth and molars;
  • It is perfectly usable forming a required, artistic tooth which makes a perfectly natural shape.

The tooth fillings mean quick and efficient solutions for many dental problems, and stop the further decaying of teeth and their spread to the neighbouring healthy teeth. Visit our Dentistry and learn about the possibilities of the aesthetical filling in a free of charge and personal consultation.


The first step to a healthy and an aesthetical smile

Send us your complete finding, dental x-ray and write us the exact problem you’re experiencing as detailed as possible in order to speed up the diagnosis. After receiveing your e-mail we provide you a free dental quote of the possible treatments. Of course, the information you submit is treated with the greatest discretion. We will review the submitted material , and after a free online consultation  we prepare a preliminary treatment plan for you according to your x-ray.

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