Tooth extraction

When is it unavoidable the removing of a tooth?

  • If a caries is at an advanced state that a filling or any other procedure will not help;
  • In the case of a serious gum illness;
  • In the case of deciduous teeth if these curb the emerging of the permanent teeth;
  • In the case of unaesthetical or surplus tooth which is a functional disadvantage;
  • If focal infection/illness was diagnosed which is caused by an inflamed tooth;
  • If an inflamed tooth does not heal after a root treatment or when a root treatment cannot be done;
  • With the purpose of orthodontia if the ideal position of the teeth can only be aligned with an extraction.

After a tooth extraction:

  • do not eat under the effect of the anesthetics because the food may be mis-swallowed or the patient may swallow the tongue or bite the lips;
  • do not rinse the mouth or suck the scar because bleeding can easily be provoked;
  • for about one week after the operation do not lean down, lift weight or exert oneself, or blow the nose if an operation has been performed on the upper jawbone;
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol for the next three days;
  • slight bleeding can develop after the operation. The blood can mix with saliva and the patient may feel it an extra quantity of liquids; put an antiseptic gauze dressing on the bleeding place and bite on it for 10 – 15 minutes;
  • Help the healing of the wound; do not forget the thorough tooth cleaning and oral hygiene. On the day of the operation wash your teeth but avoid the wounded part. Next days wash carefully the surface of the wound to stop the bacteria enter the wound;
  • It is advisable to use more mouth-wash from the third day than other days after the operation.

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