Implantational dental prosthesises

Implantational dental prosthesis; one missing tooth

Before the advent of implantology the teeth neighbouring the empty place were rubbed and a bridge was planted to replace the missing tooth. It means that the process required the rubbing of two healthy teeth replacing one or two missing teeth.

Today it is possible to install an implant into the place of the missing tooth without rubbing healthy teeth and to restore the genuine form of the mouth. We build a metal-ceramic crown or an aesthetical zircon-ceramic crown on the installed titanium tooth root.

Tooth replacement by an implant in case of one tooth missing.

Tooth implantation in the case of missing posterior teeth

Before the general use of the implantology it had been unpractical to replace a missing posterior tooth with a fix solution. These problem were solved with the help of a removable prosthesis.

Today we already have the means to correct the absence of the tooth with implants. An artificial titanium tooth root is built in the place of the missing tooth functioning like pillars and holds fast the implanted metal-ceramic crown or an aesthetical zircon-ceramic tooth bridge on the installed titanium tooth root.

Tooth replacement by an implant in case of teeth missing at the end of the row.

Tooth implantation in a totally toothless mouth

Years ago the dentist had to produce a removable dental prosthesis as the only solution in the case of a totally toothless mouth meaning a lot of problems for the patients because they had to learn using the new aid and to how to masticate the food or how to to speak.

Today it is not a problem any longer to restore a totally toothless mouth with the help of implants. In this case there are more solutions at hand; the dental patient will choose an objective based on his oral anatomy, personal taste and claims.

Removable implant set of teeth in a totally toothless mouth

A removable dental prosthesis is to be fastened to the jaw bone with 2 – 4 implants. These implants mean a safe and secure feeling for the patient while eating or speak, since the dental prosthesis will not move away from its place. The patient has to take out prosthesis only when cleaning is due. This solution brings an easier and more efficient and better way of life for the patients.

Removable full-row implant in case of total loss of teeth

Fix implant set of teeth in a totally toothless mouth

A removable dental prosthesis in a totally toothless mouth may feel as a strange object and means a hardly accepted nuisance. A removable dental prosthesis may change the social behaviour, eating and speaking mode and fashion.

Today there are wazs of build in various and sufficient number of fixed implants to produce an ideal and natural looking prosthesis which serves like the genuine teeth.

If a patient’s problem lies in the total lack of teeth but he does not want to masticate with a removable denture, then it is possible to make a fix tooth bridge. In this case 6 – 8 teeth shall be implanted and these serve as a sound and stable base for the circular / circumferential bridge.

The up-to- date technology makes it possible that the bridges fixed on the implants displays an absolut resemblance to the genuine teeth in their function and aesthetics.


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