Osteoplasty is a complex dental surgery procedure of replacing the missing bones for the implantation by materials of various origins.

In ArtDent Clinic in Budapest the following bone grafting materials are used for dental surgery:

  • bones of animal origin
  • replacement with the patient’s own bone
  • synthetic bone grafting material
  • the combination of the above

Depending on the nature of the bone deficiency, the surgeon decides which bone replacing material to apply.

When is osteoplasty necessary?

In all cases when implantation is not possible as the quality or the quantity of the bone on the area concerned is inadequate to give the required stability for the artificial titanium root.

This is the case when too long time has elapsed from the tooth extraction as the bone grows thinner and thinner in direct proportion with time. The speedy development of dental surgery made osteoplasty possible and this way we can establish the conditions for implantation.

The osteoplasty operation depends always on the anatomical position concerned. Selection of the material applied (synthetic, of animal origin, the patient’s own) depends on the patient’s decision.

One’s own bone is more rapidly built in, so the implantation will be more stable and more effective.

When is sinus lifting procedure applied in ArtDent Clinic?

Sinus lift is a dental surgery procedure belonging to osteoplasty operations making implantation possible.

The roots of the teeth in the upper mandible extend into the facial cavity, so a great quantity of bone-loss can be the result when teeth are extracted. If a thin bone oral cavity, bone grafting is done on the area of molars. Bone grafting materials are placed between the mucous membrane and the bone. In this case from 6 to 9 months’ healing is necessary before implantation can be carried out.

However, if only a small quantity of bone grafting material is applied during sinus lifting, the two operations, i.e. bone grafting and implant inserting might be carried out at the same time.

Osteoplastic operations are done through the oral cavity, generally under local anaesthetization and they are not overstraining for the patients. After the operation minor pain might be felt for a short time but this will soon pass over if the patient observes medical instructions. These instructions are very important for the development of the bone and they are explained in detail by the dental surgeon.

Besides the above dental surgery procedures there are several, simpler routine operations which are offered to be carried out without any pain at ArtDent Clinic.

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