Aesthetical filling

Aesthetic inlays and onlays

In some cases the dentist has to fill such a big hole in a tooth that no aesthetic filling material or filling method can meet the requirements, for instance in the case of a tooth after a root treatment. The dentist will use an inlay or onlay on the tooth.

An inlay/onlay is a prosthesis formed after its cavity has been shaped and sampling taken and the final structure is performed by the dental mechanic in a lab. One advantage of the inlay against the filling is the more precise shape since an inlay is made in a lab. This accuracy gives a better anatomical shape to the tooth, so ensures its function and the mastication ability of the patient, too.

The material of inlays is gold, aesthetical ceramics or artificial/synthetic material.

When is it required to make a dental inlet?

  • After a change of a big amalgam filling;
  • In the case of a broken tooth;
  • If the tooth is decayed in a great extent;
  • If the shape of the tooth does not meet the requirements.

The advantages of employing an inlay

  • It can be safely secured;
  • Its lifespan can be multiple of that of the traditional filling because it ensures a most adequate side closing;
  • It saves the remaining living tooth tissues;
  • It is not required to rub off the teeth when applied;
  • It helps to save the remaining part of the tooth and it is not required to pull it out and replace;
  • It is entirely aesthetic;
  • It can be produced for more teeth at the same time;
  • It is extraordinarly exact so it gives a comfortable feeling in the mouth;
  • It is possible to reproduce the genuine shape an contour of the tooth;
  • It does not cause allergy;.
  • A contact point system (the contact with the opposite teeth) can be made more precisely than in the case of a traditional tooth filling.
Inlay tooth filling

A tooth inlay is manufactured in our Budapest dental clinic

  1. After the local anaesthetization the dentist removes the decaying part of the tooth and forms the hollow to hold the inlet. This is an extremely precise work because the inlet has to be easily put in its place and there would be no gap between the inlay and the walls of the hollow.
  2. An impression is made of the prepared tooth then the multi-layered porcellaininlay/onlay is manufactured in the dental lab.
  3. The dentist give the inlay a try and if everything is alright, he glues the inlay in the hollow. The result is an aesthetical and long lasting tooth inlay.


The first step to a healthy and an aesthetical smile

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