Extraction of the wisdom tooth

Professional extraction of the wisdom tooth in our Budapest dental clinic

The wisdom tooth is one of our teeth which may produce the most different, diversified cases and sensations because not only its emergence from the gum but it may cause a congestion in the upper or lower line of teeth.

The most frequent cause of the oral operations are the necessity of the extraction of a wisdom tooth.

The most frequent question: whether it is worth while to keep a wisdom tooth?

There is no general answer because there are people for whom the emergence of a wisdom tooth does not pose a problem and their teeth start to decay or cause inflammation only later if ever. In this case a wisdom tooth may be kept since they do not deteriorate the oral health and the aesthetics of the teeth. Unfortunately there are cases when it is timely to think about the necessity of the extraction of these teeth.

My wisdom tooth is aching or insensible!

When is it needed to have a wisdom tooth extracted?

  • if the tooth is not able to emerge from the gum or it emerges halfway up, because
  • it may cause inflammation;
  • if it changes the genuine appearance of the line of teeth;
  • when it is difficult to wash it and it starts to decay;
  • if it seems causing inflammation in other organs;
  • if it causes strong pains.

In these cases don’t be late and visit ArtDent Clinic in Budapest to avoid further problems.

How is a non-emerging wisdom extracted in our clinic?

The procedures of oral surgery are performed after a local anaesthetization and the patient does not feel pain. In the first step the oral surgeon cuts a notch then he removes the bone around the wisdom tooth. Next step is the extraction of the tooth, then the oral surgeon sews together the notch on the surface of the wound.

Why is it dangerous not to have the problem teeth extracted in good time?

Many cases this is the fear of dental and oral interventions which curbs the patient to have the wisdom teeth extracted. The postponement may cause serious health problem. The inflammation around the wisdom tooth may cause illness or heavy pains in the mouth or other organs.

If you have any problem with your wisdom teeth you have to visit our dental clinic and get rid of the pain. Do not let the fear to be stronger than the pain!


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