Implants we use in our Budapest clinic

Implants we use in our Budapest clinic

The ArtDent Dental Clinic is a unique institute in Hungary because this is Dr. Artúr Varajti who executes every dental and oral treatments and the sound and wide spectre treatment, the exceptional quality and the professional care is guaranted. Dr. Varajti as the official partner dentist of Nobel implants and the mentor dentist of Osstem has been implanting dozens of implants of which more than 98% proves successful.

In our clinic we consider it very important to work with the best implantation systems of the safest quality. The titanium artificial tooth roots we apply are the products of those companies which are the biggest in the world and these product have a world-wide guarantee for the whole world.

In the case of an unsuccessful implant these companies guarantee a new implant for a new process, though their decades long and their research activity ensure a success of 98,8% of implantations.

These companies today use only CAD/CAM solutions in manufacturing their products and this singles out the possibility of human error so the result is perfect anatomical and functional rehabilitation.

Dr. Varajti Artúr az Artdent Fogászat fogorvosa, szájsebésze kezet fog Varjas Dáviddal.

The Nobel Biocare implant

The Nobel Biocare Co. has been in the field of the rehabilitive dentistry and the are in a leading role in the scientific research and development. The first milestone of their works was the discovery of the implants ossification by dr. Brånemark.

This is the biggest and most modern implant company of the world which created the modern implantology of dentistry and also the company to produce the first up to date implant in 1965.

This was the company which industrialized the manufacture of the implants of dentistry and that of the CAD/CAM prosthesises. The continuous development means the basis of the modern implantology for every dentist.

The Nobel implant is an implantation system forming the root of the tooth and it became the most popular implant solution with its high level stability and simple dental prosthesis resort. Its neck form helps maintaining the natural shape and aesthetic of the tooth and this is why it is possible to produce a prosthesis similar to the genuine tooth in function and outlook. It can be applied immediately and safely in the place of an extracted tooth or in the case of a bone of low quality. Its strong, conical shaped connection gives a high level safety. Our clinic is proud to be the reference clinic of such a company.

Dr. Varajti Artúr az Artdent Fogászat fogorvosa, szájsebésze kezet fog Lutter Ervinnel, a MERFOL ügyvezető igazgatójával.

The Osstem implants

The Osstem company is a firm with a background of some three decades in dynamic and hi-tech searching, developing and manufacturing first class implants. These products represent the highest category in the field of of all implant screws. With the output of over one million implants manufactured the company made sure its fourth place among the implant-producing companies in the world. The company continuously develops and exports its products to over sixty countries, for instance to the USA, the European countries or to Japan, and is a market leader in Asia and in the Pacific region.

The up to date dental implants and structures of Osstem are all designed in Asia and developed and manufactured in Germany. ArtDent is proud of Dr. Artúr Varajti, oral surgeon for being the reference dentist of Osstem implant firm.

General characteristics of Osstem implants:

  • The Osstem implants are conic Bone-Level implants, developed for a high level initial stability and early oad;
  • The Osstem implant is a conic shaped product having an excellent primary stability and an immediate loading capacity and can be attached to facebones of any quality;
  • The work out of the neck threads helped to reduce the stress and this is of utmost important
    feature of manufacturing a successful and aesthetic prosthesis;
  • With the harmonising of the morphology and surface finishing an exceptionally high roughness and big surface was developed. This increased surface resulted in the greater built-in of the bone and the quick evolving of the secondary stability.
  • In the philosophy of Osstem it is exceptionally important to assist the successful implantation with well harmonised and well established prosthetics elements and technological solutions in order to to maintain the rate of success of 98,8%;
  • The excellent and quick developing stability of the TS products make the implant possible for a six week long functional or even an immediate loading.

During the development of the results cited above the researchers and the developers made good use of the latest results and directives in implantology, harmonising it with the continuous development of their previous products and long maintained practical experiences.


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Dr. Varajti Artúr szájsebész konzultál a pácienssel a budapesti fogszátai és szájsebészeti rendelőben.