Combined and removable dentures

In the case of a full or partial dental incompletion removable dentures are made during the traditional prosthetic dentistry. With the continuous development of the dentistry the experts consider this procedure as a temporary solution though in some cases it is esteemed a final solution if the patient does not want to undergo a dental operation or there are no enough jaw bones.

The up-todate dentistry materials make it possible to produce removable dentures more aesthetical, more comfortable and serve better than those made before.

The removable prosthesis dentures can be full or partial structures and they may differ in the mode of fixation in the mouth. Generally speaking it is the number and place of remaining teeth that decide  the most comfortable method for the patient.

Fully removable denture

In the case of the absolute lack of teeth anatomical formulae assist to hold the denture at its place. The patient should be enduring when gets accustomed to the new denture. The task of this dental strucure is to serve as a functional and aeshetical aid for renovate the ability of chewing. There are some limitations of this solution so the patient should be more determined to accept it.

A fully removable denture applied on the implant gives a more comfortable solution. Only two or four implants should be installed in the jaw bone and a fully removable denture is satisfactorily fixed and the denture should be removed from the mouth when it is cleansed. A denture like this is stable, it does not play in its place, it feels fixed and comfortable for the patient.

A traditional removable prosthesis

Partially removable denture

It is possible to produce a partially removable denture when the patient still has some teeth but they are not enough to make a bridge. In this case a partially removable denture should be produced which will be linked with the remaining teeth with some fixing elements. This method gives a better fixation than the fully removable dentures but needs a bigger place in the mouth than the fixed dentures. Another good and new solution is the patent fixation: crowns are set on the existing teeth, and one half of the patent are fixed on these crowns while the counterpart of the patent is found on the removable denture. This is the way to fix or remove the patent. If the patient does not want to have removable denture then it is possible to have a bridge manufactured and fixed with implants.

A traditional, partial prosthesis, tooth implant


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