Digital Diagnostics

Panoramic X-Ray

What is the advantage of the digital panoramic X-Ray machine?

The most advanced diagnostic tools are indispensable in any successful dental treatment, therefore it is quite essential and important to have precise planning before every single intervention.

In Artdent Dental Clinic we use the the most advanced and modern technology, in order to make or set up an accurate diagnosis.

For your convenience and to shorten the time of the treatment, all of our dental equipments and installations are available in our clinic, we also ensure you an X-ray ,so there is no need to have the radiograph done in other,seperate dental x-ray centers.

In our Dental Office we utilize Cranex Novus digital panoramic X-ray apparatus. Its advantage is to produce a much more precise,accurate, also very sharp  and high definition pictures and much larger images compared to other conventional X-Ray devices. This digital diagnostic device is very fast, it only takes 9 seconds to create one x-ray image. Furthermore the Cranex Novus digital X-ray machine makes high quality images with very minimal radiation exposure possible. Thanks to quick and easy use of the machine the record will be handed to you in no more than 2-3 minutes.

In which cases do we take panoramic radiographs?
The digital panoramic x-rays are not only used for complex interventions, but also during the general dental treatments. Panoramic X-ray units can not be replaced with  older and smaller  dental x-ray machines, because they do not give an exact and complete image of the state of the whole mouth (every single tooth) at once. These old x-rays are only concentrated specifically only on 1-1 tooth  and prepare accurate recording only of these teeth.

Old and smaller X-ray appliances  make worse quality images than the newest panoramic digital ones. With the help of the modern panoramic x-ray devices a lot of even hidden dental diseases, abnormalities can be detected such as tooth decay, diseases of the bone and gums , tooth filling errors and sinusitis as well.

The panoramic radiograph is used regularly before

Comlex and hidden diseases of the gum,bone tissue and teeth and also small abnormalities of the oral cavity can only be screened by a rather advanced device, the digital panoramic x-ray. Therefore the use of such a device is essential and inevitable to gain a complete picture of the state of the oral cavity as a whole.

Before panoramic X-ray at the Artdent Dentistry

How does panoramic X-Ray works in our dental office?

Before taking the radiograph image we inform you how the device works and also about what exactly is goint to happen. Thereafter, you need to put on a lead jacket and we lead you to the room where the x-ray machine can be found. We help you by explaining how the device works, how you need to be around the device, it will take just 9 seconds and the radiograph will automatically appear  in the system.

The machine creates an immediate image within just nine seconds. After 2-3 minutes, your doctor can get a complete picture of the state of your teeth. A digital recording can be also sent to your email address. The finished x-ray recording is stored in a closed database, so if you need it, we  provide it for free of charge to your disposal. The recording is given to you personally only,or with written trust-deed to your relatives.

100% guarantee

We guarantee the quality of each X-ray image. In case of bad radiograph picture quality, we are willing to retake the radiograph for free.

Digital small dental X-ray

We use the digital small x-ray when we want to gain view of the state of only  1-2 teeth seperately, even during treatment. In the meantime you do not need to move from the dental chair, the device does not load the patient with huge amount of radiation, so it’s quite safe, practical and convenient too.

Digital X-ray at the Artdent Dentistry

Unlike the conventional x-ray digital images the benefit of the digital small dental  X-ray is  that the X-rays can be  enlarged, rotated, and thanks to the speed of this little device it can be used anytime during the procedures. A panoramic radiograph, unfortunately, can not be replaced, but thanks to their quickness they are very good complements.

A digital recording can be sent to your email address.Similiar to the panoramic X-ray, we store the recording in closed database, so if you need it, it is provided free of charge to your disposal. The recording is given to  you personally  only or through the written power of attorney or relative of your wish.

If  you find modern, accurate and precise dental diagnostic important then come to our dental clinic and try our digital diagnostic services.


The first step to a healthy and an aesthetical smile

Send us your complete finding, dental x-ray and write us the exact problem you’re experiencing as detailed as possible in order to speed up the diagnosis. After receiveing your e-mail we provide you a free dental quote of the possible treatments. Of course, the information you submit is treated with the greatest discretion. We will review the submitted material , and after a free online consultation  we prepare a preliminary treatment plan for you according to your x-ray.

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