Information of the tooth crowns

The tooth crown is a permanent replacement element which covers and protects the tooth. Its material can be metal-ceramics, ceramics and zirconium but as a provisional means it may be made of artificial materials.

The task of the crown is to reproduce the functionality and aesthetics of the damaged tooth. The sidewall of the crown reaches down to the gingiva so the joint between the teeth and the crown remains invisible and this gives the patient a perfect illusion.

If the crown part of the tooth can not be used any longer to fix a tooth replacement on it in our Budapest clinic we have a possibility to retain the tooth root. The dentist cements an artificial stump into the root and this is a perfect solution to fix the crown after the root treatment.

Metal ceramics crown in our Budapest dentist clinic

The tooth crown made from metal-ceramics is the most frequently used tooth replacement means since it is a less expensive solution than the full-scale ceramics crowns or zirconium crowns. These are made with the traditional casting in a technician’s lab (therefore they are not as correct as the ones made of zirconium).

The metal-ceramics crown is generally called porcelain crown, but this is not correct. It has a thin metal skeleton topped with porcelain which fully covers the skeleton. Its color is defined together by the patient and the dentist with a tooth color key so it will line up with the color of the genuine teeth.

The metal-ceramics crown is very durable but as far as aesthetics is concerned it falls behind the ceramics and zirconium crowns since it is not always able to maintain the required and most suitable covering color chosen in order to show a lifelike replica.

Metal-ceramics crown

Zirconium tooth crown in our Budapest dentist clinic

The metal-free zircon-ceramics tooth crown is the most up to date solution at present if we want to produce a really natural tooth replacement.

The skeleton of the zirconium crown is made of zircondioxide so it does not contain any metal. The replacements and crowns are produced by CAD/CAM technology.

This CAD/CAM technology makes the manufacture of an ultra correct zirconium tooth crown possible. This is a more aesthetical, natural looking replacement, compared to a replacement tooth made with metal skeleton, because the crowns at the neck of the tooth can not be seen even if the gingiva draws back. The tooth crown made with a zircon-dioxide skeleton perfectly fit to the neck of the tooth as well to the gingiva with a micromillimetre punctuality.

The perfect state of the crown is also ensured by its transparency which is as natural as the genuine teeth and the crown is durable which helps to maintain its life expentancy.

Contrasted with a full porcelain crown the physical features of the zircon-ceramics crown are suitable to manufacture a replacement tooth bridge. The procedure can apply to every group of teeth (front and masticatory teeth) and also to replacements.

Since the zircon-ceramics crown does not contain metals it has the favourable features:

  • free of allergy;
  • totally transparent;
  • excellent aesthetic effects;
  • harmony with the natural teeth;
  • long life expentancy;
  • suitable for metal-free, aesthetical tooth bridge replacements.
Porcellain crown

Full jacket crown in the ArtDent Dentistry Clinic in Budapest

The full jacket crown means metal-free tooth replacement, it shows a totally lifelike tooth an suitable for patients with some form of metal allergy.

The advantage of the jacket crown is its haardness, it protects the tooth from damage and it is suitable to meet the highest expectations because its color can be easily changed according to the patient’s needs and it maintains its color.

Zircon crown

Temporary tooth crown at ArtDent dentistry clinic in Budapest.

Our patients should wait some days until the permanent crown has been manufactured, buti n the meantime we offer a permanent crown made of articficial material to avoid the problems from toothlessness. This crown will make you able to work, to smile and to eat and drink, totally self-reliantly.

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