Guarantee for your protection

In order that our patients be fully satisfied with our treatment, we ensure a full-scale guarantee for them; we undertake to offer you a one-year, full-scale guarantee for all our treatments and to repeat them free of charge, if necessary.

We have no „fine print” in our practice

Forget about hidden costs – we prepare clear, written proposals in every case. All charges shall be indicated precisely and in detail in order to allow you to plan your expenses in advance, so that you can be reassured to receive a treatment without any unforeseen financial consequences.

To have your full satisfaction, our garantee shall be valid only if the following conditions and aftercare shall be observed:

  • Patients shall observe the oral hygienic instructions as proposed by the dentist in
    case and shall undergo an oral hygienic treatment at least once a year.
  • Patients shall participate at the required controlling checks following the medical treatment.
  • Use of the prosthesis is correct, no bone or gum inflammation is present.
  • Guarantee applies for a repeated treatment.
  • Treatment charges are fully covered.
  • Guarantee is claimed at a time and date agreed previously.
  • Guarantee is valid for the treatments completed by the medical attendants of ArtDent on location exclusively

Guarantee shall not extend for the following cases:

  • The patient does not follow the dentist’s instructions.
  • The patient suffers from a chronic illness which influences the quality of the row of teeth.
  • Unforeseen reactions occur as a result of the patient’s habits, way of life (putting on or losing weight too suddenly , smoking) and health condition.
  • Damage is due to some disease not connected with the treatment.
  • In case of injury due to an accident, or of deliberate damage.
  • In case the patient has been treated at another clinic by another dentist.
  • In case of employment neglecting instructions.
  • In case the patient disclaims guarantee.

Guarantee does not cover accommodation, travel and other costs.

Place of guarantee claim

Claims for guarantee shall be presented at:

1027 Budapest, Bem rakpart 50.

We help you to keep in mind the dates of control checks.

In order to provide you maximum comfort, you can ask us for recall to control checks. After treatments, according to personal demands and to medical problems, we adjust in our system the most favourable date for the control checks and we recall you in time so that you do not have to keep the date in mind.


The first step to a healthy and an aesthetical smile

Send us your complete finding, dental x-ray and write us the exact problem you’re experiencing as detailed as possible in order to speed up the diagnosis. After receiveing your e-mail we provide you a free dental quote of the possible treatments. Of course, the information you submit is treated with the greatest discretion. We will review the submitted material , and after a free online consultation  we prepare a preliminary treatment plan for you according to your x-ray.

Dr. Varajti Artúr szájsebész konzultál a pácienssel a budapesti fogszátai és szájsebészeti rendelőben.