Cyst removal

The definition of a cyst?

The cyst is an inflammation forced cell formation, resembling a benign tumor, its interior   contains mostly some liquid (water, blood), gas or creamlike material. The lesion is constantly growing due to the liquid inside, so the surrounding anatomical structures (teeth, veins, nerves, oral and nasal cavities) may be damaged.

If a cyst is found in the mandible, no need to worry, this is not a tumor. Its growth is not the result of cell-division. If the development of a cyst in the mandible is caused by a tooth, then the cyst can be treated and removed by dental surgery.

Why must a cyst be removed by surgery in our clinic in Budapest?

Removal of the cyst is considered a routine surgical operation.  Although we cannot speak about a real tumor, its early diagnosis is very important as it can cause serious disorders in its periphery as bacteria and their toxins are continuously discharging from it and this way vital organs can be damaged through the bloodstream.

Cysts generally do not cause pain at first that is why they are usually discovered by medical checks for other purposes. The lack of pain does not mean that it cannot be the cause of a serious problem.

If the cyst is not removed by a surgeon in due time, it can cause bone destruction, loosening of teeth and life-threatening conditions – that is why its early removal at our clinic is very important.

Can the development of a cyst be due to susceptibility or to inflammation?

Its cause is most frequently inflammation or developmental disorders. Cysts in the mandible  are not hereditary. As they do not cause pain, they are not easily discovered, so a half-yearly check is very important.

Before removing the cyst, the dental surgeon examines an X-ray photo.

How can we discover a cyst on ourselves?

In most cases cysts are discovered during a medical check for other purposes, during an X-ray (before dental surgery treatment), when the dental surgeon analyzes the picture.

Sometimes the patient himself can feel on his gingiva a painless swelling. Most patients think that any problems in the oral cavity should cause pain so a visit to the dental surgeon is unnecessary – although this should be done as soon as possible.

The procedure for cyst removal at ArtDent Budapest Clinic

The purpose of the operation is to completely remove the cyst.

The operation process:

  1. The area concerned is locally anaesthetized.
  2. Our expert surgeon makes a slit in the gingiva and prepares the lobe.
  3. The bone covering the cyst is removed.
  4. The removal of the cyst in one piece is done through the bone „window”.
  5. If the cyst was small, bone grafting is not required. However, in case of a large cyst, osteoplasty is recommended.

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