Dr. Lili Molnár

/Dr. Lili Molnár

Dr. Lili Molnár

Prosthetic dentistry: tooth-preserving treatments, aesthetic denture

Having graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Debrecen, my journey in dentistry has been marked by a dedication to preserving the natural beauty of every smile. I was fortunate enough to gain comprehensive knowledge in the local dental clinic and in the field of dental tourism before joining the Ardent team. I am privileged to be a part of the Artdent team. It is a great experience for me to be able to practice my profession at Artdent in an environment, where the best materials and the necessary treatment time are provided so that the patient can receive the best care. This commitment ensures that our patients receive the finest treatment and utmost attention to their dental needs.

My professional philosophy revolves around the belief that there is no hopeless case. Tooth extraction, in my practice, is a last resort possibility, employed only when all other avenues for preservation have been thoroughly explored and the tooth cannot be saved. I place significant emphasis on meticulous condition assessments and comprehensive analysis of CT scans from multiple angles. Utilizing state-of-the-art class I nanocomposite filling materials and cutting-edge computer-controlled digital devices, we aim to elevate tooth retention treatments to unprecedented levels of excellence.

I consider the creation of a friendly atmosphere and the establishment of a relationship of trust between the doctor and the patient extremely relevant. During treatments, I communicate as honestly and directly as possible, ensuring that my patients are well-informed and comfortable throughout their treatments. My hope is that every patient who visits me, experiences the same happiness and ease that I once felt in the dentist's chair.